Pond & Waterfall Maintenance in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Pond & Waterfall Maintenance

One of the largest operations we have at Ponds By Bee, is our maintenance and cleaning services. Each year, many of our clients have us come back to their home to have us clean their pond or water feature. Having your pond cleaned on an regular annual basis has both ecosystem benefits as well as aesthetics. Ponds by Bee, offers a cleaning service for each seasons, but typically pond owners generally opt in for Spring and Fall cleanings.

Having an gathering or event at your home that you need us to come over and make your pond looking brand new? We can do that!

Our most popular service is our Deluxe Pond Clean-out. This is what many of our new clients like to use for their initial cleaning!


Basic Cleaning Includes

  1. Clean Biological Filter, removing debris from inside filter
  2. Rinse & Clean Mechanical & Biological Filter Pads
  3. Skim & Remove Debris from the pond
  4. Top off Water & Reconnect Pump for the Season
  5. Detoxify Pond Water, Making it safe for fish and plants
  6. Install Pond netting to prevent leaf fall inside pond.
  7. Install pond heater (if requested)
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Deluxe Cleanout Includes

  1. Draining the pond down to six inches in depth.
  2. Removing the fish and placing them in large containers with original pond water.
  3. Draining the remainder of pond and power washing the pond, stream and waterfall.
  4. Removing debris from the pond bottom.
  5. Cleaning all filter pads, bioballs, biofall unit, skimmer and pump as needed.
  6. Cleaning all light lenses and inspecting for burned out bulbs.
  7. Making necessary minor adjustments to rocks if needed.
  8. Trim off dead plant material.
  9. Adding a de-chlorinator if needed and start the filling the pond again.
  10. Re-introducing the fish into the pond.
  11. Install Pond netting to prevent leaf fall inside pond
  12. Install pond heater (if requested)
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