Crafting Outdoor living throughout Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Pondless Waterfall Installation

Enjoy the beauty and soothing sounds of a pondless waterfall from any location in your yard.

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Pond Installation

The ecosystem pond is it’s own community that meshes living wildlife with the nonliving mechanisms of the environment.

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Fountain & Spillway bowl Installation

​A Simple Fountain or Spillway Bowl will Add a lot to a Home.  These are Extremely Unique and Deliver More than Just Bubbling Water. 

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Your own paradise 

A properly designed and crafted water feature at your Maryland, DC or Northern Virginia home will provide a natural piece of paradise in your own backyard.  The method to a beautiful and functional pond comes from proper placement and inclusion of each vital part of the ecosystem pond.  Our true creativity is displayed in our Water Features.  We love building a pond into any outdoor living space and truly believe it is a piece of fine art that will change how you feel every time you see it. 

Unfortunately, a water feature is very easy to make mistakes when building if you do not have proper knowledge or pond building experience.  Frustration can begin to set in if you make a significant investment and your pond or feature does not work as intended.  Prior to hiring a contractor, we highly suggest doing your homework and request to see a completed water feature.  Allow a member of the “BeeTeam” to walk you through the entire inner workings of an ecosystem pond or water feature.   

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