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  1. Water flow: The Aquascape adjustable flow pumps allow you to control water flow which can be controlled using the Aquascape Smart Control App.  This allows you to adjust water flow remotely and monitor your energy consumption.  You can even control multiple pumps if you have more than one, within the app  If you have an older model adjustable flow pump it can be upgraded to smart control with a new Smart Control Receiver and included Smart Control Conversion Plug.
  1. Lighting:  We love outdoor lighting and the Aquascape smart Control Hub will take your lights to the next level.  The color-changing lights are an amazing addition that can be controlled and scheduled right from your smartphone or tablet. Expanding and organizing multiple Smart Control Hubs allows for much more convenience.  You will no longer try to figure out which remote goes to which light.  They also include scheduling options that eliminate the need for photocells and timers.
  1. Scheduling: The Aquascape Smart Control App allows you to set up customized schedules to control your smart control devices automatically. You can turn your lights on at sunset based on your device’s location or schedule them to turn off when you head to work.  Whatever your preferences are, you can schedule each outdoor feature accordingly.
  1. Expansion: Expand your control of your outdoor living space quickly and inexpensively with the Aquascape Smart Control Plug.  Pumps, lights, fountains, and any yard decoration that plugs in can be connected and monitored from your Aquascape Smart Control App.  Updates to the Aquascape Smart Control App will bring you exciting new ways to interact with your Aquascape water features. Coming soon are Alexa and Google Home voice control, group organization, contractor control and alerts, as well as new smart control devices.
  1. Effortless Control: Easily control and monitor all Aquascape smart control devices from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.  All of your connected devices can be easily accessible and organized in one user-friendly app.