Spring & Summer Pond Maintenance

Spring & Summer Pond Maintenance

Pond & Waterfall Maintenance in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Pond & Waterfall Maintenance

One of the largest operations we have at Ponds By Bee, is our maintenance and cleaning services. Each year, many of our clients have us come back to their home to have us clean their pond or water feature. Having your pond cleaned on an regular annual basis has both ecosystem benefits as well as aesthetics. Ponds by Bee, offers a cleaning service for each seasons, but typically pond owners generally opt in for Spring and Fall cleanings.

Having an gathering or event at your home that you need us to come over and make your pond looking brand new? We can do that! Our most popular service is our Deluxe Pond Clean-out. This is what many of our new clients like to use for their initial cleaning!

Do You Have A Pondless Waterfall, Or Fountain?

The Maintenance Process slightly varies based off your Water Feature.  Below are the steps we take to properly clean & prepare your feature for the Spring.

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Clean-out Steps Include

  • Power Wash Rocks & Gravel (For Pond and Pondless Features)
  • Thoroughly Rinse and Clean Fountain, Removing any residual debris
  • Remove debris from snorkel vault and Fountain basin
  • Check Lights for Proper Functionality
  • Detoxify Pond Water, making is safe for fish and plants

Blogs on Spring Maintenance

If you want to learn more about the best practices for Pond and Water Feature Maintenance our experts are happy to answer any questions. Some of your questions may be already answered on our Website. Read our Blog to find answers to our most commonly asked question.

Are you New to the Pond/Water Feature Life?

Did you inherit a pond through purchasing a new home or has it just been a while since your last scheduled Maintenance? We will fully inspect and explain how your Water Feature operates and best practices to keep properly maintained.

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Your Pond or Water Feature Shouldn’t leave you confused or frustrated. Our team of Experts are here to help educate or explain how your feature operates and the best practices to keep your Water Feature Healthy and Clean.

  • Thoroughly clean your pond or water feature
  • Inspect and determine the health and status of your feature
  • Provide a walk-through explaining how your pond operates and answer any questions.

Our Team will make owning a water feature as effortless and enjoyable.

Watch our Videos for some Pond Maintenance Tips

Ready to Get Started?

Send us pictures of your water feature and our team of experts will get right back to you with a quote for your Pond Clean-out

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