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Fountain Lighting

 Fountain Accent Lighting allows you to add beautiful light options on variety of decorative fountains, completely transforming the way your fountain looks at night.

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Pond Lighting

Add beauty and elegance to your water feature or  the surrounding landscape by bringing it to life at night.

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Waterfall Lighting

LED Lights combine style and simplicity while adding depth and dimension to your waterfall; creating a natural light show combining moving water with light.


Top of the line, Water Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures we use are extremely energy efficient, minimizing energy costs.  They have a die-cast metal housing with a protective coating that provides a durable finish that holds up in all weather conditions.

Lighting Fixtures are permanently-sealed and water tight, and they can be installed fully submersed in water or in traditional landscape settings.


Water Lighting

Aquascape Water Feature Light kits includes everything needed to light a fountain, small pond, or traditional landscape, eliminating the guesswork of selecting lighting components individually. 

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