A bio falls are a type of bio filter which helps to keep koi ponds clean. They work by removing harmful toxins from the water and are an important part of any pond.

Biological filters have been around for centuries, but they’ve only recently become popular with many different types being used in various ways. The bio fall is one of these types, and it works by using bacteria to break down pollutants in the water. It can be installed on or near the surface level of the pond or submerged below the surface, depending on what you need it for-in most cases you will want it at least partially exposed so that air bubbles can help oxygenate the water as well as remove carbon dioxide through diffusion into gases more easily

What is a bio falls and what does it do?

Bio falls are a type of biological filter that helps to keep a koi pond clean and healthy. They do this by removing waste and harmful toxins from the water. Bio falls come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them work in basically the same way-by using bacteria to break down the pollutants.

The bio falls contain bio media, which is a porous material that creates an environment for the bacteria to live and work. The bio media will come in different forms such as bio balls or bio-bricks.

The bio media also provides surface area for the bacteria to colonize and grow. However, it only provides space for a certain amount of bio media, so bio falls use a special partitioning system that divides the bio media into smaller sections. These bio partitions divide the bio media into even smaller chambers with each chamber only big enough for a few bio balls or bricks.

This method is similar to stacking objects on top of one another instead of next to each other because it increases surface area and bio media for bacteria to grow.

To increase the bio falls efficiency and effectiveness, bio falls should be added to a pump for constant circulation throughout the pond. This allows the bio falls to remove harmful toxins from all parts of the water instead of just certain areas where there is not as much flow. It also helps circulate oxygen and nutrients around the koi pond.


Bio falls are beneficial because they help to maintain bio-stability in the koi pond which is important for keeping your fish healthy and strong. They also provide many other benefits such as reducing the amount of algae in your koi pond, keeping nitrates levels down, and keeping pH levels stable.

When bio falls are cared for properly, they can help your koi pond to be a healthier and cleaner place for fish.

Biofalls maintenance tips

When you install a bio falls, it’s important to keep the filter media clean so that the bacteria can work efficiently. You can clean the media by removing it from the bio falls and rinsing it under running water. Be sure to let it dry completely before reinstalling it.

You should also clean the bio falls itself on a regular basis. To do this, remove the lid and scrub the inside with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and replace the lid.

The bio falls is an important part of any koi pond, and creates a favorable environment for good bacteria in your water, but you also need to practice good pond maintenance so that harmful bacteria don’t have a chance to grow in the bio falls or inside the bio media.