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Spring is a time of new life and renewal.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to spruce up your backyard koi pond! A well-maintained, attractive pond or water feature will add beauty and interest to your yard while providing an important function: keeping fish and other wildlife happy and healthy all season long. A good quality and balanced ecosystem is necessary for success. Here are seven popular products that will help you get started!


  1. Beneficial Bacteria – Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria have a combination of concentrated bacteria and enzymes that act as natural cleaners to help maintain a strong biological balance in your koi pond.  These types of phots synthetic bacteria help to quickly clarify your pond’s water by clumping up finer debris eventually allowing is to settle and be captured within your pond’s filtration system.  When used on a consistent basis, this product will help provide your pond with clean, clear, and healthy water conditions.

         Liquid Beneficial Bacteria – 


  1. Filter Pads – If you have a biological filtration system or a skimmer box, both contain filter pads that need replaced every now and then.  The Aquascape filter mats provide 50% more surface area than most traditional filter pads.  This additional surface helps trap debris and provide a extra space when combined with beneficial bacteria can better colonize.   

         Aquascape skimmer filter pad- 

         Biofalls Filter Mats – 


  1. Planters & potting media – The start of spring is the perfect time to start adding and dividing your aquatic plants.  In order to keep these beautiful underwater plants from taking over your pond you will want to be sure they are in Aquatic pots.  Make sure you grab the all-natural Aquascape potting media to support the growth of all your pond plants.  

          Aquatic planter –    

          Aquascape potting soil –  


  1. Premium Fish Food – Your fish are pets that need care just like your family cat or dog.  Keep them healthy by feeding them quality fish food.  Aquascape fish food is a floating pellet, ideal for your fish and includes multivitamins, probiotics and high-quality protein that will not break apart and cloud your pond water.  

          Aquascape Fish Food – 


  1. Iongen & Iongen probe replacement – If you have an Aquascape iongen system installed in your pond or water feature you know it is the most effective way to kill and control algae.  The start of spring is the perfect time to check your copper iongen probe to see if it’s time for a replacement.  These probes typically last at least a year but if you see it has significant decay swapping out a new probe is easy.

          Aquascape iongen probe – 


  1. Dosing System & Dosing bags – If your pond was built by our #BeeTeam than it was likely installed with an automatic dosing system to make water treatment easy and effecient.  The only thing that needs done to “set it and forget it” is to replace the dosing bags.  Most dosing bags will last at least 90 days (typically more) depending on the size of your water feature.  These variety of bags contain specially formulated water treatments that help maintain high water quality for your feature.  Your can choose from a variety of treatment options to meet your ponds needs.   

         32 Ounce Refill for Automatic Dosing System- 


  1. Predator Control –  As the warm weather makes it’s way back sometimes so do the rest of the wildlife, some of which may be predators to your pond pets. Your fish could be vulnerable to a variety of predators.  In order to help protect your fish Aquascape provides a variety of options to help pond owners prevent predators from turning your prized fish into an afternoon snack.  These deterrents include a faux log fishcave, and some fun heron, alligator, and swan decoys.  

          Faux log – 

         Aquascape Swan Decoy – 

         Aquascape Alligator Decoy –  

         Aquascape Heron Decoy –