iongen blog

The IonGen is an Incredible Device for Any Pond or Pondless Water Feature.  It is an Electronic Algae Controller that Keeps Your Water Crystal Clear!  So Instead of Spending Your Time Maintaining Your Wonderful Water Feature, You Can Spend it Relaxing Next To it, Just as the Lifestyle Was Intended.

Why you need it?

  • Gives You Crystal Clear Water
  • Drastically Reduces Pond Maintenance
  • Eliminates Unsightly Water Conditions
  • Safe For Fish and Plants
  • Non-Toxic to Animals that May Drink From the Feature
  • Energy Efficient (Less Than $1 a Month in Electric Cost)

How does it work?

The IonGen is Designed With a Microprocessor that Sends a Signal to an Ion Producing Probe Helping to Control Algae Throughout Your Entire Water Feature.  The Probe Releases a Calculated Mixture of Copper, Silver, and Zinc Ions into the Path of Flowing Water.  The Automatic Control Panel Sends Signals That Slowly Dissolve the Replaceable Metal Probe.  This Unique Combination of Metal Ions Increases Water Quality, Clarity, and drastically reduces Time Consuming Maintenance.

What It Really Comes Down to is Easy Maintenance.  If Not Properly Maintained Your Pond Can Become an Eyesore and a Landscape Disaster.  The IonGen is a Device That Really Allows for the Lifestyle a Water Feature is made to Provide.