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Should I put rocks & gravel in the bottom of my koi pond?  

It’s been a long debate amongst many pond builders whether or not to rock in the bottom of a koi pond.  Both sides are typically unshakable in their opinion.  Our purpose for this blog isn’t to change any well-entrenched minds but to explain why our #BeeTeam uses rocks when building our ponds and water features.  

It’s part of a Natural Ecosystem

Rocks help with keeping the water warmer and filtering out impurities, as well as providing an additional hiding place for koi. They also help with algae control and create a natural, beautiful atmosphere.  

Rocks provide a natural way to keep the water warmer and filter out impurities, while also providing an additional hiding place for koi. They also help with algae control and create a more natural, beautiful atmosphere.  

Rocks can help keep your koi pond warmer in two ways. The first way rocks contribute to a warmer environment is by slowing the movement of water as it flows through your koi pond. The rocks will absorb the sun’s rays during the day and slowly release it back into the water at night. If rocks or gravel are exposed to direct sunlight, rocks can be used as a natural heater because of their ability to absorb heat from the sun.

The second way rocks contribute to warmer water is by providing an insulating cover for your koi pond. Rocks can act as a natural covering around the sides of your koi pond which will protect the water from colder air temperatures or wind, which can also lead to colder water.

Benefits for your Fish 

Rocks will help to keep the water clean by acting as natural filters for koi waste or leaves that find their way into your pond during fall season.

Rocks provide hiding places for koi fish while also providing additional protection against predators. Rocks give koi a space to hide in when they feel threatened. If rocks are placed in the koi pond, rocks can create additional cover for smaller koi during feeding time. Rocks provide shelter and protection by blocking the view of predators.

It just looks better

Adding rocks to a pond creates a Naturally inspired, man-made water feature.  They provide beautiful colors and enhance the look and feel of your pond and outdoor living space.

Although rocks are commonly used for koi pond landscaping, some rocks are more efficient than others.

If you’re looking for rocks that will enhance your koi pond without breaking the bank or taking up too much space, rocks like small boulders (that can be lifted by 1 person) and quarter-inch gravel are perfect options. 

Rocks are easy to find and come in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes that you will have no problem finding rocks that fit your pond space!

Tips on rock maintenance.

– The rocks do not require a lot of maintenance. They will actually thrive if they have a good place to nestle in and collect debris.

– If rocks are placed in an area that receives a lot of water, rocks should be cleaned to avoid algae growth.

– Rocks should also be washed or cleaned with a pressure washer to avoid buildup or dirt residue from the rocks when needed. 

The rocks in your koi pond can have a huge impact on the overall appearance and functionality of this natural oasis. Whether you’re looking for rocks to provide additional hiding spaces, filter water impurities, reduce algae growth, or just make everything look more beautiful – we’ve got you and your pond covered.