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Should you fertilize your pond plants?

Just like garden plants, fertilizers can greatly improve the health and growth of your aquatic plants.  However, your pond’s water quality will be the biggest factor in your plant’s health. A well-fertilized pond plant cannot overcome unhealthy water conditions.  

Can I use the same fertilizer I use on my regular plants? 

No, many gardening fertilizers are much too harsh and can potentially harm your pond’s ecosystem.  They have the potential to cause major algae blooms and poison your fish.  Most ground fertilizers are not in a form that can be absorbed by your aquatic plants without spreading throughout the water.  It’s recommended to use a reputable fertilizer brand, specific for aquatic plants.   

How to fertilize aquatic plants.

This is an easy one….Just follow the direction on the container.  Most aquatic plant fertilizers come in tablet form.  Take 1 or 2 of those tablets (the directions should say)  and bury them in the soil of your potted aquatic plants.  If it’s difficult to bury because the soil is firm you can take a tool, like a screwdriver and use it to create a hole in the soil.  Push the fertilizer tablet down in the hole you just created and cover it back up with the soil to prevent them from leaching into the pond water.  

If your aquatic plants are not in pots, it’s best to just leave them be or put them in a pot if you want to fertilize them.