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Just like you might have tools or accessories for your landscape garden you can stay prepared by keeping similar tools for your water garden.  Here are 4 “Must Have” tools for EVERY Pond owner, that won’t break the bank!

  1. Pond Net – This one might sound obvious, but if you don’t have fish or your pond was installed with a skimmer box you may not feel the need to have a net.  However, a pond net can be an extremely useful tool for any pond owner and is our number one choice for proper pond tools.  It’s a versatile tool that works great for removing or even adding items to your pond water.  A large enough net can come in handy and keep you dry if something gets in that you need to get out of your pond immediately.  More practically you will surely find use out of it during the fall if you have a heavy dropping of leaves.  Even if you do not find yourself using it very often it is still a great tool to keep around for possible emergencies.  You wouldn’t want to be in need of a net and caught without one, only to find yourself forced to go for a light swim.

Pond net – 


  1. Aerator – a pond aerator is the perfect tool for added oxygen to your pond. In most cases the bubble from your waterfall will create enough airflow if you have fish.  If this is the case, owner a aerator is a great precautionary tool.  If you have fish and every run into a problem with your waterfall flow or your pump just stops working for some strange reason, a pond aerator will be essential to providing your fish with enough oxygen in the water.  This can also be a great add on if you ever choose to shut down your pond for the freezing winter months.

Pro 20 aerator- 


  1. Pond Heater- In some regions a pond heater may seem unnecessary. I can imagine if you live in Florida or California you wouldn’t find much need for one of these.  However, in our immediate area between DC, MD, VA, the winters can often be harsh and freezing temperatures will lead to a frozen pond.  Finding ice in your pond is not bad, however a completely frozen layer over the top of your pond will prevent toxins from naturally escaping the water.  This will keep you fish trapped in potentially toxic water without relief.  In below freezing temperatures it is wise to have a pond heater already prepped and floating in your pond.  These pond heaters objective is not to warm up the water to create some sort of hot tub for your fish but rather to prevent the entire top layer of the pond from freezing over.  These pond heaters can warm its immediate surrounding area keeping a hole in the ice large enough to allow toxic material to escape through the hole.  Not having a pond heater and having your pond completely freeze over could lead to your fish dying.

Pond heater- 


  1. Pond planter baskets – Every pond should have a few aquatic plants. They are beautiful, raise oxygen levels, and help keep a balance ecosystem.  However, they can also easily become overgrown, and clutter a pond if not properly maintained, especially if they are planted directly into the pond.  When aquatic plants root themselves into your pond they will grow around and rocks or gravel making it very difficult to remove them.  This is where pond planters become exceptionally helpful.  By using a planter to add aquatic plants it keeps them from rooting themselves within the pond.  It also helps to keep them from becoming overgrown and it makes maintenance on them much easier as the planter basket can be removed from the pond, plants can be cut back and then the basket can be added right back to the pond when needed.

Aquatic planter – 

Whether you are brand new to the pond lifestyle or a seasoned veteran, these are all great tools/accessories to keep in handy for your water feature.  They are simple to use, inexpensive and can be helpful in a pinch.  They are commonly used by our very own #BeeTeam and we hope they work as well for you as they have for us.