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  1. Heron decoy – For predators such as herons or other birds a heron decoy can be used to deter them. This works in theory because herons are very territorial animals, however, the decoy can be hit or miss.  What typically can happen is the decoy will work for a brief time but often times the real heron will eventually realize the decoy is fake and will end up right back in the pond


  1. Pond net – Although it’s not visually attractive to have a net over your pond year-round it is an affective option. With this type of cover, it will essentially keep any predators from finding access to your pond.


  1. (scarecrow) sprinkler – These motions activated sprinklers can scare away any predator that come to your pond looking for a snack. They spray a quick burst of chilly water whenever something approaches it.  The main problem with these sprinklers are they cannot tell the difference between friend or foe, so it could end up spraying you or an unprepared house guest.  During installation it’s always a promising idea to place it somewhere that allows you access to your pond without getting sprayed yourself.


  1. A well-built pond – The best way to help your fish avoid predators will always be a well-built pond. If you are in the planning stages of building your pond you can plan ahead for these fish thieves.  Bigger and deeper ponds will always help to prevent harmed fish.  When our BeeTeam install a pond we often add a fish cave or fish tunnel.  A fish cave can be built by taking large flat pieces of irregular flagstone that can be set on the shelf of your pond.  This will give your fish a place to hide when they see an unwelcome guest peeking into the water.