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As winter makes its arrival you will begin to notice some changes to your pond or water feature. If you have aquatic plants, you will certainly see they will not be thriving as they did in the spring and summer. Some of your plants may not make it through the cold months and will likely need to be replaced in the warmer season. However, here is a list of cold-hardy pond plants you can expect to make a triumphant return in the spring.

American Water Lotus:

These beautiful submersed plants not only provide gorgeous blooms but for an excellent cover for your fish from predators. In the Fall you can expect its large floating leaves to turn brown and die. This is to be expected as the plant goes dormant for the winter. Once the warm season returns you will begin to notice the leave stems make their way to the surface and make their full recovery by late spring or early summer.

Hardy Water Lilies:

In the winter you will want to keep your lilies planted in 12″-24″ of water if you want them to survive the next season. By planting them in more shallow water they have the potential to freeze. This means if your lilies are in pots you may need to physically get in and move them to the deeper part of your pond.

Corkscrew Rush:

You will recognize this plant easily from its name. The corkscrew rush has spiraled stems. They will begin to produce brown foliage as the weather gets colder. You can maintain this plant by cutting out the dead leaves which will make space for the new once the weather gets warm again.


A popular plant for pond owners with its upright growth habit. You can expect its beautiful lavender blooms in the spring/summer will return for years to come

Marsh marigold:

This early season bloomer will produce brief but beautiful yellow blossoms. Keep the plant in a marsh area around your pond and you can expect them to grow back each after every winter.

No matter the aquatic perennial plants your choose for your koi pond, like any plant they will require a little maintenance every fall.