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As pond and water feature enthusiasts we are often asked what products are important to add to your feature to maintain clear water. Clear water is dependent upon a balanced ecosystem and no product does more to maintain this than beneficial bacteria.

As long as your pond operates like a natural ecosystem with proper filtration, aeration, plants and bacterial your pond will stay much cleaner

So, when customers ask if they actually need this for their pond the simple answer is “YES”! However, if your pond is missing one of the key elements listed above than you will have an unbalanced ecosystem, possibly making your low-maintenance feature into a high maintenance mess.

What beneficial bacteria is, are aerobic micro-organisms that convert harmful substances like ammonia into less harmful substances like nitrates.

Consistency is key when adding beneficial bacteria. You should be adding a dose of bacteria once a week at minimum. The recommended dosage amount is different for each size pond and can be calculated from the instructions on the container.

You can install and automatic dosing system machine which is a device that automatically doses your water feature with a consistent amount of bacteria and remove the hassle of manually dosing your water feature. For most ponds these machines only need refilled every few months.

What Bacteria can’t do:

Bacteria is critical to a balanced ecosystem however no amount of bacteria will replace proper aeration or filtration. These all must work together to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem pond.