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Do I need a Heater (De-Icer) for my Pond?

It’s a common question, “do I need a heater for my pond”?  If you live in a region that below-freezing temperatures are Not common during the winter, then you can probably skip the pond heater.  However, for those who commonly receive those harsh winters or have freezing temperatures, it’s wise to have one.

What does it do?

A pond De-Icer or “Heater” as it is commonly referred to as are either made to float or sink depending on the model or brand.  If the model sinks it will warm the area around that fish will usually hang around to get warm.  A floating De-Icer will keep the area around it from freezing at the top, this creates a hole in the ice.  When I Pond is completely frozen toxic gas is trapped and builds up in the water making it dangerous for fish.  The floating pond heater allows that toxic gas to escape keeping your fish and other aquatic life safe.

Consider the Following.

I Big misconception of a Pond De-Icer is that it heats up the Pond water keeping your entire pond warm and from freezing.  This is simply not true.  It is made to only warm the immediate surrounding area of the heater not the entire body of water.  In other words, it will not turn your pond into a pond hot tub.