Some People Choose the Pond Life, Others Fall into it……

What Does that Mean?

Basically Saying Sometimes Homes Are Newly Purchased With a Pond Already Installed.  This can Be a Blessing and a Curse.  The blessing that You Now Will be able to Enjoy the Pond Lifestyle but as a New Pond Owner, You may not Know Much (or anything) About their Newly Inherited Pond.

That’s Okay!

For all Pond Owners New & Old, it is Best To Have Seasonal Maintenance to Get Your Water Feature off to the Right Start, Especially  from Cold to Warm Season’s Like Winter to Spring

If You Are an Inherited Pond Owner and Notice Your Pond Looking a bit Mucky, This is the Perfect Time to Schedule a Pond Cleaning and Also Take the Time to Pick the Brain of a Pond Expert During Their Visit.  ​​

 Owning a Pond Can be Overwhelming If you aren’t sure What Steps to Take to Keep It Happy and Healthy.  Stress is the Last Thing We Want a Pond to Bring Anybody!!!  They are Meant to Bring Joy, Happiness, Excitement, and any other Good Emotions You Would Want From Your Home and Yard.

​​The “BeeTeam” has a lot of Experience Walking Our Clients Through Not Only Our Newly Built Ponds But Newly Inherited Ponds as Well.  Now, not all Ponds are Created Equal, so the “BeeTeam” may Need a Quick Inspection Before They Know Exactly How it was Built and Runs.  However, We’ll likely Understand Your Feature By Completion of the Pond Clean Out.

Our Goal is the Create the Peace of Mind, so Instead of Worrying About Your Pond, you are Spending Your Time Enjoying it!  Let a Pond Professional be Your Resource and Guide for Any Questions or Concerns You may Have.  That Way you Can Enjoy the Pond Lifestyle!

We Truly Love Ponds even if we Didn’t Build Them.  If You Have Inherited a Pond and Need Help Our Team Would Absolutely Love to Be the Ones to Help Educate You About the True Joy and Excitement a Pond or Other Water Feature can Bring!