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Over the years of building and maintaining ponds, we have heard several reasons people don’t want a koi pond.  Oftentimes their reasoning behind the hesitation is for the same several myths of owning a koi pond.  

As certified Aquascape contractors and seasoned water feature maintenance professionals, our team is here to walk you through and debunk the common pond myths you may or may not have heard. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have a stronger understanding of what owning an ecosystem pond is all about!


Maintaining a Pond is constant work 

In all honesty, this may be the case for SOME pond owners of improperly installed koi ponds that lack filtration, circulation, aquatic plants, fish, rocks, and gravel.  Missing these components will likely lead to a pond that requires a lot of attention.  However,  a balanced ecosystem koi pond like those built by Certified Aquascape Contractors is less maintenance than the lawn you mow weekly.  


Koi Ponds require daily water testing 

As a koi pond owner, you should rarely (if ever) need to test your pond water.  Your Koi pond, similar to lakes, rivers, and oceans, these are not chemical-dependent and are a thriving home for wildlife.  It’s often when pond owners regularly test and treat their water with chemicals that ponds are unable to find their natural balance and create unpleasant pond conditions.  


 Smaller ponds are less work 

It would seem to make sense that a smaller pond would be easier to maintain. However, the smaller the body of water the more difficult it is to achieve healthy ecosystem stability. With less water, it is also more easily affected by outside forces.  This is why larger water features are often easier to maintain. 


Ponds are breeding grounds for mosquitos

Mosquitoes can only breed in still standing water.  A properly built koi pond with circulation will have too much movement for mosquitoes to breed.  In fact, the fish and frogs that live in your koi pond love to eat mosquitoes and will be a natural deterrent for these annoying pests.  


Any Landscaper can build a koi pond.  

Anybody can give building a pond a try, however, building a koi pond and building one correctly can be two very different things.  Our team knows this very well as we have much of our living from fixing, rebuilding, and renovating improperly built koi ponds.  Even the most skilled landscapers often have difficulty building a pond.  It doesn’t take away from their talent, they are just not properly experienced to understand the design, concept, and construction required to create a balanced ecosystem koi pond.  This is why we always suggest hiring a Certified Aquascape Contractor to create any water feature project.