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Do koi ponds or water features add value to your home?

We will explore koi ponds and water features in general before getting into the issue of their value. Is it worth spending money on a koi pond for your property? Do koi ponds have limited appeal? These are some questions that we hope to answer by the end of the article.

A Koi pond is a very popular choice for those who want to add a water feature to their home. Koi ponds are beneficial in many ways, but they have limited appeal as an investment. Their biggest draw is the look and feels of serenity that one gets from the relaxing sounds of waterfalls, sometimes all while observing koi fish glide through crystal clear waters.

Typically the primary reason homeowners install a pond or water feature is for their own personal enjoyment, not to increase their home’s value. In some cases, having a water feature might actually make your home more difficult to sell, or even devalue it.

What other features are included?

Where koi ponds are concerned, water features can add value to your home if they have certain additional features, such as outdoor lighting, patios, outdoor kitchens, or other exciting outdoor features. A koi pond with a waterfall or stream blended into the rest of a functional outdoor space could absolutely be a draw for a home buyer who enjoys spending time outdoors. This type of beautiful scene may even make the surrounding area more desirable for other buyers in the future.

Are renovations needed?

But koi ponds and waterfalls aren’t for everyone. If you have an older home in need of costly repairs or a pond is in need of renovations a koi pond might not add much value to your property at all. In fact, it may drive buyers away if they feel the cost of renovations is too expensive or beyond their budget.

Does the type of water feature matter?

Another notable factor could be the type of water feature a home has. Koi ponds typically require the most consistent maintenance which may turn off potential home buyers. However, a pondless waterfall or outdoor fountain requires significantly less maintenance. Being able to enjoy these types of tranquil water features without the cost or effort of regular maintenance could add to the appeal of a home purchase.

What’s the weather like?

The seasonal weather in the area could also play a role in the amount of enjoyment a home buyer can get out of the space. If you are selling a home in an area that has harsh winters or brutally hot summers the homeowner may not get the same enjoyment out of an outdoor water feature that someone in a milder climate would.

Ask a local home selling expert

While koi ponds and water features may add value to your home, it’s important that you don’t over-invest in something that isn’t going to be enjoyed every day or won’t appeal to everyone who views the property. Since water features have different levels of appeal, the value they add to a home varies. It’s important to understand that koi ponds may not be worth your time or money if you’re looking for a quick sale on your property. If the primary reason for building a pond or water feature is to increase the property value, be aware that it’s a risky decision as it may not give you the return you expect.

Every homebuyer has different wants from their home. In the same way, someone may prefer hardwood floors to carpet, one person may see a pond as a backyard oasis while the other only sees it as another outdoor maintenance.

Every homeowner wants to make a house their own, so for those who plan to sell in a few years, adding a water feature that may require expensive or frequent maintenance could scare buyers off.

Before spending a chunk of money on a permanent water feature, it’s best to run your plans by an¬†experienced local real estate agent¬†in your area as they likely have experience selling homes with a variety of features and could help you gauge your proposed water feature’s impact on your home’s marketability.