I Don’t do Yoga, meditate or go on long walks to unwind.  All Seem like viable options of relaxation but not so much for me.  Not too long ago I did find something I did enjoy helping me relax in a much more cost-effective way.  A fountain.  I used to enjoy those small cheap indoor fountains they sell at Wal-Mart next to the candles.  Simply plug in and you can hear the soothing trickle of water.  However, they never lasted long as you would expect from a 20-dollar plastic piece.  When I stepped my game up to the outdoor fountain it was a game changer!

 Mine is a 3 Basalt Column Fountain, with each structure pushing water that flows from the top to the bottom.  It not only makes the perfect calming sound but creates a cool colorful effect on each column creating some neat color and shine.  Not everyone has lights on their fountain or feature but I think it gives it that extra dimension to my fountain.  I enjoy it even more a night really when the lights are really bringing it to life!

If you are considering having a tranquil, artistic, or even just fun Fountain consider a few of these thoughts:

Not Only Price & Style:  Whenever I discuss fountains with a potential client the first thought that comes to the persons mind is typically price then style.  However, there is more to consider than just that.  I always like to bring up the type of fountain, especially the material.  Many fountains are made from actual sturdy rock that allows a bubbling affects to trickle down like the 3-basalt column.  Others are made of copper, fiberglass, ceramic or even plastic.  What is important is to be sure the material can withstand the areas climate conditions.

Location:  If you get the style down the fountains location at your home is also important to consider.  This really comes to what you want to get out of your fountain.  You may be looking for an exciting piece for people to see glowing in front of your home.  For some they look for an intimate setting in a spot you spend a lot of time.  There are many options to look at so find the best locations that maximizes what you want to get out of your fountain.

Maintenance:  What is nice about fountains is they are the easiest to maintain of the 3 types of water features (fountain, pond, pondless waterfall).  A fountain recirculates water but a small amount of evaporation will happen.  To keep your pump running properly just refill the fountain with a regular garden hose whenever you notice your water level has dropped.  The other thing I have our clients consider is an algae treatment to prevent algae build-up.  This can be done manually by adding water treatments by hand or by installing an automatic dosing system that will treat the water conveniently on its own.

Fountains can really be a great piece to your outdoor living space.  It’s perfect if you want to add water to your landscape without the cost or responsibility of an entire pond. It can also be a great accent piece to an existing pond.  Whatever you are looking for your possibilities are endless.