The Water Quality of your pond is not only important to keep your water looking clean but also important to the health of your fish.  If you have poor water quality it can begin to stress your fish making them more susceptible to diseases.

It is extremely important to make sure pesticides and fertilizers are not getting in your pond.  These toxins can cause a lot of damage to the health of your ecosystem pond in the form of sick or dead fish and discolored or unhealthy looking water.  Your best bet is to steer clear of spraying any potential toxic material near the pond.  This will also ensure that run-off from rain doesn’t allow any chemicals to flow into the Pond.

 If you get concerned that any chemicals have made their way in the water, you can check the water quality for yourself with a water testing kit.  A safe pH level for your pond water is between 6.6 to 8.5.  If you need to adjust the pH levels to reach this range, it’s safest to do so gradually.  Sudden pH fluctuation can be dangerous for your fish.

The Ammonia level of the Pond should be at zero as well as nitrate levels.  If those levels are high it could mean you have too many fish in your pond or that your pond filter is not doing a respectable job filtering.  You may need to remove some fish to a new home or get a filter for your pond.